Eurofurence 2019 Information

Eurofurence 2019

Eurofurence 2019

August 14-18, 2019

Estrel Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Furry Convention

A blinding, all consuming light.
An unnatural stillness in the air. Nature itself seems to have paused. You were just there and now you're here.

Blink a few times to get rid of the afterburn of that light. You will be all right in a bit. You might wonder where you are, though it'd be best to ask yourself when you are. The where is easy, this is Eurofurence, of course, our annual gathering of critters of all sorts of places and times. The when, however, may take a while to explain.

While you recover from your travel, why don't I tell you a bit more about us? We are bound together by our love of the anthropomorphic. We are as varied as the times we hail from but we always find ourselves grounded here in the Estrel in Berlin. What are we here for, you ask? Oh, so many things!

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