Charmed Again 2019 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Charmed Again 2019

Charmed Again 2019

July 5-7, 2019

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Longford, Hounslow, UK

TV Convention with Fantasy and Horror programming

I'm really heartbroken to announce the cancellation of Charmed Again. I've really tried everything to make this work but I failed. Even with our very low ticket sales my intention was to make this event possible. As everything was paid already for the event to go ahead I'll request all the money back to be able to give it back to you. I'm really, really sorry about this all, not sure what can I say at the moment. I made bad decisions, it's my responsibility but until yesterday evening I strongly believed the event will go ahead and we can make this work for everybody.
I'll make an arrangement with the hotel so you won't be charged for that.
I'm sorry to all the staff and guests i misled, this is on no one but me.


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