Furizon 2020 Information

This event has been cancelled.

Furizon 2020

Furizon 2020

May 29 - June 2, 2020

Park Hotel Sacro Cuore
Cavalese, Italy

Furry Convention

Furizon is one of the first organization that successfully emerged and proposed events with an ongoing basis in the Italian furry fandom.

Born in 2014 with the will to create a series of events proposed as a meeting point for every furry, Italians and foreigners. since his foundation, the organizative group of Furizon took care of the total rent of tourist accommodations, organizing every aspect of the event: from the overnight stay, the activities and the catering services.

The event always aims, for every participant, like a journey through a story, with themed games and activities without missing key elements dedicated to the furry fandom like the Dealer Den, Fursuit lounge, music themed nights and plenty more.

All of this ensured that the event and the staff experience grow enough to reach and take more audacious decisions, increasing the number of proposals.


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