Furry Retreat 2021 Information

Furry Retreat 2021

Furry Retreat 2021

October 14-18, 2021

Knight's Rest Retreat
Bristow, OK

Furry Convention

Furry Retreat is an event that started in 2015, intending to be a one time event. After it's first year, the group found that they had something special, and wanted to gather together again. So that is just what they did. Furry Retreat is a camping event that has it's own special flavor which can best be described like a community event. People from all around come together and pitch in to make this weekend happen, bringing not only for themselves, but also something to share with others, whether it is food, shelter, time, or just a smile and some kind words. It's a unique and beautiful thing. The land is wide and expansive, and the scenery is peaceful. Animals can be heard and seen in the distance, and there is a lake that one can rest by and fish until their heart's content. There is no schedule to abide by, no rush to go or be somewhere at some time. the atmosphere is relaxed and wandering is encouraged. Walking around the campsite, one can find folks laughing, gaming, cooking, or just taking in the sun. While we do have a couple of core traditions, an opening Ceremonies by the fire for example, you'll find that many events that we have are things that come to life on their own. When it comes down to it, Furry Retreat is a magical thing, and we hope that you join us and be a part of it.

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