MystiCon 1983 Information

MystiCon 1983

MystiCon 1983

August 12-14, 1983

Jefferson Motor Inn
Roanoke, VA

Science Fiction Convention

Each August the orbit of the Earth intersects that of Comet 1862 III. The normal result of this is a near miss in celestial terms. We see the debris left in the comet's wake as the Perseid Meteor Shower. This year will be different.

Noted astronomer and guppy breeder Meeble Farbara, from studying photographic plates, the Tarot cards, and discarded pizza crusts, has determined that 1862 III, also known as Tuttle's Comet, will strike Earth in 1983. He predicts that the impact will take place at 12:43 a.m., Sunday, August 14th, on Mill Mountain in Roanoke, Virginia.

The attendees at MystiCon 2.5 (August 12-14, 1983) will have the finest possible view of the event from the balconies of the Jefferson Inn in downtown Roanoke. While waiting for the world to end, congoers can enjoy parties, gaming, videotapes, a dealer's room, and the company of Guest of Honor Orson Scott Card.

Come to MystiCon 2.5 and see history in the unmaking! Here is your chance to be at the last SF convention ever!!!

Registration Information

Advance Rates
$5 through February 1, 1983
$7 through June 1, 1983
$10 through August 11, 1983
At-Door Rates
All 3 Days: $10

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