ConFurence 2003 Information

ConFurence 2003

ConFurence 2003

April 25-27, 2003

Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center
Burbank, CA

Furry Convention

Yee-haw! and howdy pawdners. Our 15th Annual furry convention is gonna be the most rootin'-tootin', high-falootin', western-style shin-dig for all you dogies and dog-ettes out there, with a special track of fun programming even for the little varmints attending with their kin-folk.
Our Native American furry bretheren are also likely to make a showing, even that infamous trickster, the Coyote. Spend time in a pow-wow or find your animal spirit... it's all gonna be a part of this year's fun!

Git out yer cowboy hats and six-shooters (rubber-band and silly-string models only, of course) and mosey on up to the bar at the Saloon, Dance yer tail off at the Dance Hall, browse through the Trading Post and shop from your favorite anthropomorphic dealers, gawk at all the pretty pikchers in the ArtShow and Auction, or just show up to have a fun reunion with yer fellow furry friends.


470 total people

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