Fur Squared 2014 Information

Fur Squared 2014

Fur Squared 2014

February 28 - March 2, 2014

Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel
Brookfield, WI

Furry Convention

Like the many other fur themed conventions out there, we are a not for profit organization trying to bring our strange but wonderful community closer together.

The concept for this over the top convention was hatched all the way back in 2012 at the annual pride BBQ at Bit Ferret's house in Milwaukee. The furry crowd there started talking about conventions and the community, and how the pride BBQ was the closest thing that Wisconsin had to a fur con. A week later was the first meeting of the small but determined Fur Squared staff. We have grown then from a group of 3 to a stunning 7 person board of directors, and a handful of furs supporting our cause. Almost a year later we found ourselves staring at a hotel contract, looking into insurance coverage and wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

Now we find our quaint convention on the horizon and we could not be more excited. Something that started as a group of furs sitting around talking about how great a convention in Wisconsin would be has turned into a living breathing event. An event that, with the help of the Wisconsin fur community, the kind and generous furs who have donated their time, and every single person who is willing to run a panel, become a gopher, or just attend the con and enjoy themselves, can turn our tiny idea into a huge yearly monster of a con.

Welcome to Fur Squared. Join us for the journey and enjoy the ride!


415 total people

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